I Got a Great Job at the Newport News Shipyards, and My Wife Found Us a Great Apartment

What do you do when you are newly married, have two dogs, just finished your time in the military and your civilian job goes belly up? I was going to reenlist, but my wife preferred I didn’t. I can understand that. We moved three times while I was in. I was an expert welder with all my clearances, so I looked at a shipyard job in Newport News. I got a great offer, and my wife started looking for nice apartments for rent in Newport News, Virginia while I went down and lived in a motel for a couple of months while I worked.

It is not something you want to have to do over and over again, but getting established in a good job as a civilian was not easy for me. I was used to being trusted with technology and equipment that the wealthiest people could not afford to purchase, but had a hard time finding a good paying job in the private sector. Well, the shipyards in Newport News are a unique place. You can find jobs as a civilian, but you do need clearances and certifications to work them. The military made all that easy for me, and it transferred well for me to work as a welder on any project classified or not.

My wife found us a nice apartment at Autumn Lakes. It is affordable and allows us to save for the purchase of our dream home. They also allow pets. We were not going anywhere without being able to take our two dogs. Both of them are retired military dogs. We would adopt more if we had the money and the place to keep them. I can picture us having a place in the country in a few years with children and more dogs. We are getting on pretty well at Autumn Lakes. The place is nice with a modern kitchen and roomy closets. The big thing is that it is affordable. Plus, we do like an evening swim in the pool during the summer months.