Matthew Davies Provides You Tips on Training a Puppy


It can be incredibly fun to own a puppy. However, puppies are like children and need proper care. According to Matthew Davies, you must train your new puppy properly to instill good behavior in them. It is common to get frustrated in the process as some bad habits are harder to fix. However, if you are patient and follow the right tips, your puppy will become very smart and obedient.

Tips & Tricks

Given below are some tips on training a puppy –

  1. Assign a proper name

Consider naming your puppy something that represents a positive vibe. You need to respect them if you want them to do the same. Also, choose a name which is short and has a strong consonant ending. Such names are easier to hear, and your puppies will respond to you more frequently.

If your puppy already has a name, don’t be afraid to change it if you don’t like it. Dogs are very adaptable and will get accustomed to a name change sooner than you think.

  1. Teach essential commands

Teach essential commands like ‘watch me’, ‘go to your spot’, ‘come over here’, etc., to keep them under control. The first command can prevent them from being distracted too much. The second command can prevent them from roaming in the house or jumping on a guest. The third command will help you to retain your alpha status as the dog will come to your command. This will give you total control over them.

  1. Reward good behavior

To enforce positive behavior, give your puppy a reward every time they do something good. This will let them know that whatever they did was a good thing and encourage them to do that again. You can reward them by giving them treats, petting their body, or showing some love.

  1. Be consistent with your training

Puppies need time to learn and correctly respond to different types of command. They don’t have great attention spans. So, it is a good idea to keep the training sessions short. Also, teach only one command at a time and always end the session on a positive note so that they look forward to it again.

Practice training them in different places so that they can learn to respond to you in different settings. So, train them in your home, in your neighborhood, nearby parks, or any other location you go to with them.

  1. Take care of their health

Puppies need proper nap and rest in order to stay healthy. Training can also tire them out. So, if your puppy is not responding to your commands, consider giving them a break or checking their health. Also. make sure they get regular exercise but not too much. Taking them on walks and letting them socialize with other dogs and humans are also a great way to keep them happy.


Matthew Davies believes that instead of scolding your puppy for bad behavior, you should try to divert their attention to other things such as a toy. Also, pretend that you are hurting if they don’t stop doing something. You will be shocked to see how much they care for you.